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    Hospice Care

    Hospice CareHospice care involves staff who is sympathetic, good communicators, listeners, and who are interested in working with people who have life-threatening illnesses. Ongoing education about the dying process is also an important part of staff support.

    Interdisciplinary team: Our Hospice Team consists of the Patient, Physician, our Nurses, Social Workers, Home Health Aides, Clergy, Therapists, and trained Volunteers. Our team provides care for our patients by offering support based on their particular areas of expertise. Together, they provide comprehensive palliative care aimed at relieving symptoms and giving social, emotional, and spiritual support.

    Pain and symptom control: Our main objective of pain and symptom control is to help our patient achieve comfort while allowing our patient to remain in control of his or her life. This means that side effects are managed to ensure that patients are as free of pain and symptoms as possible, yet still alert enough to make important decisions.

    Spiritual care: Our Hospice care emphasizes the spiritual needs of patients and their families. Since people differ in their spiritual needs and religious beliefs, spiritual care is individualized to meet the patients’ and their family’s needs and may include helping our patients to look at what death means to them, to say good-bye, or to perform a specific religious ceremony or ritual.

    Bereavement care: Our Bereavement Team comforts the family in the time of mourning following the loss of a loved one. We help the family through the grieving process. Our Bereavement Counselor provides support to survivors through visits, phone calls, and/or letter contact, as well as through support groups..

    Volunteers: Hospice volunteers play an important role in planning and giving hospice care to our patients and their families. Volunteers may be health professionals or lay people who provide services ranging from hands-on care to working in the hospice office.

    Coordination of care: The interdisciplinary team coordinates and supervises all care 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This team is responsible for communicating between the inpatient facility, the home care agency, the physician, and other community professionals, such as pharmacists, clergy, and funeral directors.