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    Lubbock Long Term Care

    Cuidado Casero Is a Name You Can Trust for a Distinctive Difference in Lubbock Long-Term Care

    We know that many people associate the term Long-Term Care with assisted living outside the home. At Cuidado Casero, however, our Personal Care Program and Primary Home Care offerings provide a wide variety of support services for senior citizens who appreciate the familiar comfort and priceless dignity of living many elder years in their own Lubbock, Texas home. When we think of long-term care, what comes to mind are the many seniors who are capable of living at home, though, they do require varying levels of help from caring professionals who specialize in senior citizen assistance.

    At Cuidado Casero, Long-Term Care Means a “Better Life” at Home in Lubbock

    It’s a well-known fact that a substantial percentage of seniors suffer from anxiety, depression or other forms of psychological distress when faced with the prospect of leaving behind the security and cherished memories of their own home. If Lubbock, Texas long-term care means life amidst strangers in an assisted living facility where many seniors feel they have been institutionalized, they can become understandably distraught and highly reluctant to accept such a fate.

    At Cuidado Casero, we understand an elder person’s strong desire to live as many years as possible in their own home, which is why we provide outstanding, compassionate, and industry-leading, Lubbock long-term care services to qualified seniors who require assistance with everyday challenges that include:

    • Proper feeding and nutrition assistance
    • Meal preparation and food acquisition such as grocery shopping
    • Bathing and numerous other personal hygiene tasks
    • Mobility issues associated with home care
    • Day to day dressing challenges and much more

    At Home, Lubbock, Texas Long-Term Care for Your Loved Ones

    We know you want the very best for the beloved seniors in your life. Their happiness, overall well-being, and continued sense of independence is important to you, and at Cuidado Casero, it’s also important to us. Our multi-skilled, diligent, and compassionate home assistance professionals truly do provide long-term care with a distinctive difference. When you choose our well-trusted home care services, the cherished seniors in your life are offered the priceless contentment that comes with a life lived amidst the irreplaceable surroundings and familiarity of their own home.

    Our Brand of Long-Term Care Is the Right Choice

    With nine locations in the Southwest and Mid-Atlantic Region, Cuidado Casero is a leading and well-respected provider of exceptional home care services. When it comes to Lubbock, Texas long-term care, we offer all-important peace of mind to seniors and loved ones alike. Assisted living doesn’t have to be accompanied by the anxiety and other negative aspects of any type of institutional setting – no matter the effort to make it “look and feel like home”.

    Elder years lived in a senior’s own residence clearly are more content and joyful years when the very best in professional assistance services add up to “at home”, long-term care for you or your loved ones. To learn much more, take advantage of the comprehensive information you will find on this Web site or contact Cuidado Casero today. We’re quite certain you will be very glad you did!