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    Hospice Care in Arlington, Texas

    Hospice or palliative care is end-of-life care provided by a team of health care professionals and volunteers. The goal of hospice care is to help people who are dying have peace, comfort, and dignity while controlling pain and other symptoms. Cuidado Casero, located in Arlington, Texas, has an interdisciplinary hospice team that consists of the patient, physician, nurses, social workers, home health aides, clergy, therapists, and trained volunteers. The team provides care for patients by offering support based on their areas of expertise. The comprehensive hospice care aims to relieve symptoms while giving social, emotional, and spiritual support.

    In providing pain and symptom control for hospice care in Arlington, Texas, our main objective is to help patients achieve comfort while allowing them to remain in control of their lives.  Cuidado Casero ensures that patients are as free from pain and symptoms as possible while still being alert enough to make important decisions for themselves.

    Cuidado Casero’s Arlington palliative care emphasizes the spiritual needs of patients along with their families. Cuidado Casero also provides a bereavement team to comfort families in their time of mourning following the loss of a loved one. A bereavement counselor provides support through visits, phone calls, and/or letter contact along with support groups.

    With Cuidado Casero’s interdisciplinary team to coordinate and supervise care 24/7, families are able to spend more time with their loved one and less time managing the hospice care process.  If you are interested in learning more about Cuidado Casero hospice care in or around Arlington, TX, contact Jocelyn at jmedina@medicahealth.com or call 817-640-0646.